Our Vision

Kalimera treasured friends from Greece, and around the globe. With pleasure and warmth, we welcome you to Avocado: Food for Life.

While waiting for your meal or beverage, we would like to share with you our vision, which, in essence, is to create a model for humane and harmonious living that can be emulated and adopted around the world.

Avocado is the answer to our collective dream of creating a spiritually-minded, sustainable, caring community whose members are nourished by delicious, healthful food. We believe it is possible to live well, and to enjoy appetizing, wholesome meals without causing harm to other sentient being; namely, our animal friends, who inhabit and infuse with their grandeur, the land, the sky, rivers or the oceans.

Our defining vision came to crystallize when we founded our first business in Greece: NYSY Yoga and Pilates Studios, just across the street at Nikis 25, where the idea for Avocado was born, nurtured and courageously launched by Eraj in the Spring of 2011.

Today, Avocado is a haven for healthful living and one of Athens' top-rated restaurants. As part of our commitment to our patrons, we serve high-quality, flavorful food, aromatic coffees and teas, and freshly-squeezed juices that are truly alive. Our philosophy is to use local, seasonal, and organic produce whenever possible.

Avocado's culinary staff works diligently every day to exceed your expectations because we think you deserve superior service and sublime food that makes one's senses sing, Therefore, as our valued guest, we promise do our best to make your time with us in our central-Athens location a source of unqualified satisfaction; and, when the stars may align just right, we hope Avocado may prove to be a place where magical memories are made that come to last a lifetime.
Your patronage proves that the paradigm of a thoroughly-modern business which embodies an unwavering commitment to high standards, and which is guided by love and compassion for animals in all their myriad forms, can be an unqualified success.

Let us continue to savor life’s delectable menu, and mirror through our lives, this simple, heart-felt motto: “Let Love In. Let Love Out.” Together we can make the change we want to see in the world.

Thank you, one and all, for supporting our cherished vision.

Vivi and Eraj