Understanding that “we are what we eat,” we vow to make responsible food choices and serve food of the highest freshness and vibration.

The management and staff that make up the Avocado Team are devoted to our customers, and it is our mission to follow our values while giving you an excellent experience. We would like to share with you why we opened Avocado back in 2011 and what keeps us going.

Our vision is to sustain a long-term, respectable business that will cater to people with open dietary horizons. We establish Avocado as one of the leading successful restaurants in Athens while staying committed to our values as we grow, providing the catalyst for lasting positive change in the world.

Our Values


We value above all else compassion as this is the motivation behind offering cruelty-free, vegetarian food to our customers. We also embrace the following:

1. Aiming that all customers we serve are enthusiastically happy about their level of satisfaction;
2. Making responsible choices and doing good work for the benefit of our community, our immediate environment, and the Earth as a whole;
3. Setting and meeting high standards of excellence in all areas of the business;
4. Providing well-paying jobs for the Avocado team members in order to support ourselves and our families;
5. Creating a work atmosphere that is positive, fun, and enjoyable as we communicate with one another with honesty, patience, cooperation, and respect;
6. Improving ourselves and working with loving awareness. Our motto and mantra is “Let Love In. Let Love Out.”

It is by these values that we work and make decisions every day.